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Pay more attention to customers' benefits, our mission is to supply consistent quality, prompt shipment, and reasonable prices to help our customers more competitive.


Kolortek, top brand, will be your reliable partner. At Kolortek, our mission is to provide the highest quality pigments and products to the marketplace worldwide. We are focused on supplying technically advanced products that will provide our customers and the consumer marketplace with maximum value. We are committed to offering these products and services in a fashion that is environmentally safe, clean, friendly and effective. We are dedicated to consistent ethical practices in our dealings with our customers, suppliers, staff and the community.


Here are the principles of how we live that every day:   


 Focus on quality is essential within Kolortek. With our focus on client specific products, where client satisfaction is crucial. our internal processes need to be of a high standard. Upon request, we can send a certificate of analysis (COA) for all our deliveries.  

-Customer Focus

To focus on customers’ need, Kolortek pay more attention to the customers’ requirements, offer more high quality products. Customized products are available in Kolortek.  


The drive towards intensifying the interaction between customers and Kolortek has always been the guideline for this development. We provide factual knowledge and a product that both improves and reduces costs. That is what we call innovation through cooperation.


Kolortek,top brand,will be your reliable partner.

Custom Color Solutions

  • Custom New Colors
  • Match Colors
  • Global Color Trends

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