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Custom Colors

With technical support from our strong R&D team, Kolortek offer color matching service to meet individual requirement.


Match Colors

The color you want, when you need it!

We specialize in Match Colors & Special Effects. We can provide you with various brand-new colors for color matching, and make the products unique and eminent.

When we get your color match request and samples, we’ll give it to our laboratory, first have to analysis the ingredients, and select materials used based on the following customer selected criteria:
. Applications
. Effects
. Cost


Global Color Trends

In order to make our products appealing to every market sector, Kolortek works in collaboration with a group of international color professionals from various market sectors.

These colour professionals represent a diverse set of influences and disciplines from different fields, such as color cosmetics, coatings, graphic arts, etc. They fully understand the needs of the professional and the challenges they face in today's market.


Custom Color Solutions

  • Custom New Colors
  • Match Colors
  • Global Color Trends

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